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Application Review

Proofreading Services provides an inclusive application review service to ensure that your submission stands out from the crowd. Having a persuasive and engaging application whether it is a personal statement for the University admissions procedure, or a CV and/or covering letter for a job application can be the key to success.


Personal Statement Proofreading Service

At Proofreading Services, we understand the vital role a personal statement plays in the application process today. We are committed to helping you shine to the best of your ability whilst still retaining ownership of your work. We not only proofread your personal statement to ensure that it has no grammatical errors, but we also suggest changes that may support you in writing an appealing and persuasive personal statement.



Job Application Review Services

Getting a job Applying successfully for a job can be a challenging process, you might have the correct qualifications and experience, however, if your CV and covering letter are not presented in the correct format, is not concise and easy to read then it will not stand out to potential recruiters. We have expert proof-readers and editors who will thoroughly review your CV and or cover letter and will send you a personalised report upon completion. Our service will support you to make an impact with future employers.

The personal statement is an essential part of your UK university application – essentially an essay about yourself – and that is why it is so important. Our proof-readers have experience writing and proofreading hundreds of personal statements over the years. As a personal statement needs to have past examples from your own life and to talk about your personal experiences, hobbies and goals, you might find that you don’t want to edit certain parts of your writing because it’s too personal  and you might remove something important. This is where an editor can help to remove irrelevant or repetitive parts to make your personal statement more concise, professional, and polished.

Our quality copywriting services are undertaken by experienced, native English speaking editors, all of whom are published authors themselves and have achieved at least a master’s degree. A focus on detail is the key to our service.

We include two rounds of revisions in the price we quote. This enables you to feedback to us ensuring we are meeting your needs and the needs of your audience. We use the “track changes” feature in Word to highlight errors and to write comments. This allows you to immediately see corrections and make your own decision on any changes. Any comments or suggestions with regard to clarity, meaning or usage are noted in the right-hand margin for your attention. Get a taste of success and send us your application for a free no obligation quote.