About Dr Andrew Linder

Dr. Andrew Linder received his B.A and M.A in English Literature from McGill University and his doctorate from the University of Toronto.

At least until his retirement in 1974, Marshal McLuhan supervised Dr. Linder’s dissertation and inspired a life-long fascination with the educational possibilities of technology in a global village, and with the kind of transformations in youth that teachers of communication need to take into account.

For most of his teaching life, Dr. Linder was active in engineering education becoming a full member of IEEE, and an active participant in its Education Division working toward its “Vision 2020” program, which identified a deficiency of communication skills among students as an urgent issue in engineering education.

Dr. Linder delivered papers at conferences, published articles and edited a collection of writings, but it is some 135 of his graduates on his LinkedIn page that he is most proud of.